Provisional Academic Calendar for 2014-2015 published

Although the government has not yet issued a release on the re-opening of colleges, UNIMAK management has prepared a provisional calendar to help staff and students plan for the coming academic year. Any alteration on dates/activities as a result of government release will be communicated.

Provisional Academic Calendar for 2014-2015

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New courses: UNIMAK now offers training in Mining and Mine Safety

ICMS-UNIMAK Registration Form

ICMS-UNIMAK Registration Form

The University of Makeni has successfully completed discussions with the Imperial College of Mines and Safety (ICMS) in Ghana, and is now pleased to announce that it now offers training and educational programs for individuals and corporate organizations in the extractive industry in Sierra Leone.

The ICMS-UNIMAK partnership will support the country’s rapidly developing extractive industry sector by building capacity and knowledge base in the fields of Professional Mining and Safety Management.

The training programs are carefully designed to reflect current industry standards and practices and are offered in exclusive partnership with Government, top managers from leading mining companies and lecturers from universities across English West Africa.

Download the ICMS-UNIMAK Registration Form here

Download the ICMS Course Catalogue here





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Addressing the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and looking forward ……

The University’s link with Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Library of Alexandria) and their Research Methods Library of Alexandria has been especially valuable at this time, because it has given access to some of the best lectures about Ebola.

Giving a short update message on the situation, Fr Joe Turay, Vice-Chancellor of Unimak,  writes:

“The situation in some areas seems to be improving whilst the suspected and infected cases in some are increasing….namely Port Loko, Bombali and Bo. We are just returned from a meeting with Radio Maria and UNIMAK to review our strategies and intensify our small efforts in supporting the work done by our community to fight the epidemic.

But we plan not to give into despair, and the interviews for the new students will take place on the 1st of September.”


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UNIMAK is active in fighting against Ebola virus

On 30th July 2014 Fr Joe Turay, Vice Chancellor of the University of Makeni, reported on the Ebola virus disease outbreak situation in Sierra Leone as follows:

We still have some students with us because their towns have been affected by the Ebola crisis and they have nowhere to go. We have decided to keep them and find funding to help them during the holidays.

Today we have lost a national hero, Dr Khan , who spearheaded the fight against Ebola as a medic. Dr Khan attended our St Francis Secondary School in Makeni and learnt from his early years to work for the common good. He had learnt to lay down his life for his brothers and sisters.

I attended the district Ebola task force meeting in Makeni and we are preparing to fight this epidemic. We are confronted with many challenges: funding for sensitization, human resource to volunteer in tracing victims and suspected cases, Makeni needs urgently an ambulance only for dealing with the Ebola cases; funding for training of nurses and other health personnel etc.  As a University we cannot stand aside to see so many people lose their lives and so we are engaged.

So many stakeholders are involved but the demands are overwhelming .
Is it possible that we can start together with other stakeholders a small laboratory for testing. And with some volunteers we can think to train nurses or lab techs?

Makeni is also planing to build a small isolation unit. This is do-able with a small amount of funds. Whatever help or support anyone can give us can help us engage. Time is of the essence!”


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Essential Map of Makeni City published

As part of their collaboration with the University of Makeni and Makeni City Council, the CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain has published a detailed map of the city and its environs. As well as major religious buildings, hospitals and hotels, the map shows the location of the city’s 50 schools. Professor Luis Perea Moreno, who heads the team that worked on this, has said that it is the wish of the universities to guide the present and future growth of the city of Makeni by striking a careful balance between residential, commercial, recreational, and institutional needs. The detailed map will facilitate the planning process.Makeni smallfile

The map can be accessed using the following links:



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