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Conference on Post Ebola and Education

Unimak’s Centre for Social Transformation and the Makeni Diocese Catholic Education Office jointly organised a conference on 14th and 15th May. The theme was Post Ebola and Education: Celebrating 10 years of a Diocesan Synod. After a welcome from the Apostolic Administrator, Fr Natalio Paganelli, the topics to be discussed were introduced by Fr. Peter Mansaray and included an “Overview of the Synod”,”Education Today – Successes and Challenges”, and “The Way Forward”.

Reopening of the University for 2014-2015

IMG_0134The University of Makeni, in responding to government’s pronouncement on the reopening of schools and colleges after a very long break as a result of the Ebola crisis, formally started its academic work on Tuesday 7th April, 2015. This long awaited moment in the University’s calendar commenced with a mass, inviting God’s presence in the midst of this challenging era. The mass was well attended by both staff and students of this noble institution.

IMG_0135As safety measures are required by every institution in containing the Ebola scourge, UNIMAK is more than prepared in adhering to these measures. Veronica buckets containing sanitised water are available at both entry and exit points of the university and security posts are equipped with infrared thermometers to check the body temperature of staff, students and essential visitors. Other health measures fixed by the institution include the downsizing of the number of students per class, completing of bio-data forms by all staff and students so as to know those that were quarantined, those coming from high risk areas etc, IMG_0138encouraging students to inculcate the habit of personal hygiene, limiting non-essential visitors, and restricting hostel students from going for weekends among others.

Students of the university are overzealous in attending lectures- this is evident when most of the lectures were well attended on the first day of the reopening. Although the Ebola epidemic hit the economy of the country hard, which correspondingly affected the economic status of parents and sponsors of these students, yet still efforts were made to ensure that students continue their academic work as usual.

Unimak return
University lectures were well attended on the first day of reopening

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Makeni, Rev Fr. Prof Joseph Alimamy Turay, is spurring on members of staff as well as students to put make every effort in a bid to set the university on its rightful footing. Lecturers are ever ready to ensure that they fully cover their classes, and students are determined to learn irrespective of the daunting challenges they are going through as a result of the Ebola crisis.


First African Higher Education Summit

The University participated in the African Higher Education Summit on Revitalizing Higher Education for Africa’s Future, which was held on March 10 -12, 2015 in Dakar, Senegal.

_DSC4603The summit delivered a strategic platform for stakeholders to engage on policy issues, share experience and practical information to drive effective transformation of the African higher education sector, and produced a draft Declaration and Action Plan “REVITALIZING HIGHER EDUCATION FOR AFRICA’S FUTURE”, intended, when finalized, to constitute a strong basis for the transformation of the Higher Education sector.

This included the statement of vision:

We unanimously affirm that it is critical to:
• Develop a high quality, massive, vibrant, diverse, differentiated, innovative, autonomous and socially responsible higher education sector that will be a driving force to achieving the vision outlined in Agenda 2063 by the African Union with commitment to “A shared strategic framework for inclusive growth and sustainable development and a global strategy to optimize the use of Africa’s resources for the benefit of all Africans”.
• Produce the human capital required for the continent’s inclusive and sustainable development, democratic citizenship, and repositioning as a major global actor.

The  full document is available on the website: http://summit.trustafrica.org/draft-declaration-and-action-plan/


Congratulations to The First Lawyers of the University of Makeni

image-5Ibrahim Samba and Lahai Kamara are the first University of Makeni Lawyers.

They have been called to the Sierra Leone Bar and are eligible to practice Law in Sierra Leone. Dean of Law Faculty, Lawyer Benedict C. M. Jalloh [above left] writes: “Our faith has taken us so far. .. for the Love of our people we trudge on …..surely victory and triumph belongs to our people. We thank God for his grace and guidance.”

The University of Makeni wishes to thank the Attorney General and Minister of Justice Mr. Franklyn Bai Kargbo for the successful amendment of the Legal Practitioners Act, 2015, thereby enabling graduates from our department of law to be admitted as legal practitioners.
Moreover, the University also commends and congratulates the head Lawyer C.B. Jalloh and staff of the department, for relentlessly pursuing the issue of amending the Practitioners Act, and above all, for training and mentoring our students who have now been called to the Bar.

See below a copy of the Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Act 2015: