Mental Health Programme

Clinical Supervision Report

A clinical supervision to two districts in the eastern part of Sierra Leone, Kailahun and Kenema, was recently made. Experience with the services  trained Mental Health Nurses are providing is encouraging. The enthusiasm, commitment and zeal to render assistance to the mentally challenged are fantastic in spite of limited resources.

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In a new study paper “Mental Health in Sierra Leone: Beliefs, Myths and Truth”, published in full below, Dr Rebecca Esliker,  UNIMAK‘s Director of Mental Health programmes concludes:

” … the issue of mental health in Sierra Leone has become a priority area due to the decline in mental health in the country contributing to high mortality rate and slow economic recovery and development…
there is a need to provide significant attention to the mental health status of the Sierra Leoneans, giving particular focus on the effects of the 10-year civil war and recent Ebola outbreak in the country. 
Therefore, improved mental health policies must be embedded in Sierra Leone’s national strategy in an aim to promote accessible professional mental health treatment and services to the public.”

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